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Window Boards and Window Board Supplies in Worksop at discounted prices from Discount Fascia and Window Supplies Limited

The ultimate window sill for everlasting beauty with matching skirting and architrave. Moisture resistant, scratch resistant, burn resistant, never needs painting, stain resistant and never shrinks…

New features means that all corners and joints are now available in matching wood grains. Window boards add style and elegance to compliment any window or conservatory, once installed all that is required to keep in pristine condition is a simple clean with a damp cloth and none abrasive cleaner.

UPVC Plastic Window Boards and Window Sills available in a range of colours and styles

This window board carries a ten year guarantee against any manufacturing defects providing that all installation and care instructions are strictly followed subject of course to normal wear and tear.

A Useful guide to Fitting

Guidelines for measuring, cutting and installation – REMEMBER – ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK AND MEASURE TWICE.

Once you are sure measurements are exact, use a pencil to mark the laminate, allow for end caps and centre joints.

When using a handsaw, cut through from laminate surface. A sharp fine tooth, 10/12 teeth per inch saw is ideal for a perfect cut.

When using a power saw, cut from underside of window board. With the window board face down follow your marking so that the saw teeth cut towards the laminate surface. Although the core board is P3 moisture resistant, it is beneficial to seal cut edges, you can use colour fill or a suitable sealant, avoid moisture lying where there are joints.

Bonding of your window board to the sill. All plaster and brickwork should be dry prior to installing your window board, you can use No Nails or silicon adhesives to stick down your window board. Mitre joints and end caps are available for joints and ends, these should be stuck with either silicon or contact adhesive. Alternatively you can use colour fill to achieve a professional joint.

Use a damp cloth with a none abrasive cleaner to remove any dirty marks or dust.

More information and enquiries

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