Drainage & Guttering

UPVC Plastic Drainage and Guttering Products / Supplies in Worksop at discounted prices from Discount Fascia and Window Supplies Limited

Plastic Drainage and Guttering products and supplies in Worksop, includes, but is not limited to: Standard (Half Round) Gutters, Square Line Gutters, Deep Flow Gutters, OG and Cast Iron Effect Gutters…

Guttering collects rainwater and discharges it into the downpipes. All gutters are levelled and aligned to ensure the correct gutter fall (usually 4mm per metre run). Fixings are usually at 600mm centres. All guttering is manufactured to exceed the requirements of BS 4576 part1: 1989.

Standard / Half Round Gutters

Standard Plastic Gutters - Strong, Durable and Discount Prices in Worksop

Key Features of Standard (Half Round) Gutters includes

  • Easy to fit with a complete range of colour matched fittings.
  • Choice of 4 designs.
  • 10 year guarantee.
  • High gloss finish with a choice of up to 5 colours.
  • Lightweight for ease of storage and transportation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Durable and tough.

Square Line Gutters

High quality, black PVCu square line guttering. Cost effective solution for both new build and refurbishment applications. Attractive rectilinear profile. Compatible with most major manufacturers.

Square Line Gutter

Key Features of Square Line Gutters includes

  • uPVC Construction.
  • Pre-Lubricated Gutter Seals.
  • Flow Capacity in Excess of Half Round.
  • Pre-Fitted Gutter Seal Retaining Clip System.

Deep Flow Gutters

Deep Flow Gutters are available in 2 sizes for commercial and residential applications, super tough, high capacity guttering for use on commercial buildings, hotels, flats and any structure that has a large roof area.

Super Deep Plastic Gutters are super tough, high capacity guttering for use on commercial buildings

Key Features of Deep Flow Gutters includes

  • Exceptionally strong components.
  • High capacity super deep system for commercial application.
  • Designed for high volume capture.
  • Market leading flow capacity.
  • Choice of downpipe sizes.
  • 10 year guarantee.
  • High gloss finish in black.
  • 2 Sizes (Commercial and Residential).

More Information – Deep Flow Gutters have a high material content that ensures it can easily contain the weight of water that could potentially flow into its huge gutter profile. Each fascia bracket is capable of supporting over 125kg and the union can take over half as much again. The gutter angles have been produced as individual internal and external versions. This allows positive fixing of each unit to the fascia board.

Cast Iron Effect Gutters

Cast Iron Effect Plastic Guttering and Drainage Products available at Discounted Prices in Worksop

Key Features of Cast Iron Effect Gutters includes

  • Authentic cast iron look without the weight or cost.
  • Choice of 4 designs (Half Round / Square / DeepFlow & OG).
  • Square or round downpipes.
  • Unique pipe fittings with built in saddle strap.
  • 10 year guarantee.
  • Durable and tough.

Guttering and Drainage products you can trust! Discount Fascia and Window Supplies Limited in Worksop stock and supply Guttering and Drainage products from FreeFoam & Swish – market leaders in this industry sector and a product you can trust and rely upon.

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